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The Orchid Man is based in Southern California and opened for business in Los Angeles in August of 2006.  We sell to the wholesale and to retail markets.


We sell a variety of Orchids, including seasonal Orchids.


Almost year round:  Phalaenopsis, Oncidium, Intergenerics, Dendrobium


Seasonal orchids or as available:  Cymbidium, Militonia, Paphiopedilum, Ansellia, Dendrochilum, Epidendrum, Cattleya, Vanda, Dendroubium New Guinea, Dendrobium Speciosum and Odontoglossum


Some Tropical Plants:  Zamioculcus, Staghorn fern


Supplies: Growing Media; Orchid Bark, Sphagnum moss

                Decorative; Spanish Moss, Reindeer Moss, Mood Moss, Sheet Moss

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